About the CDT

The CDT-ISM is run jointly by Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities, both powerhouses in the realm of sensor research. Together they provide a unique research excellence, expertise and depth.

The CDT draws on this expertise to provide high-quality cohort-based training across physics, engineering (Edinburgh and Glasgow) and chemistry (Edinburgh and Glasgow), and in a myriad of sensing applications. In addition PhD supervision is carried out by well-resourced, leading academics.

As a result of this collaboration students can access world-leading microfabrication facilities in the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre and the SMC, rapid prototyping facilities at the University of Edinburgh, and world-class research facilities in the School of Chemistry at Edinburgh.

Equality and Diversity

The CDT-ISM values and welcomes diversity in all of its activities and training. Please see our Equality and Diversity Statement for further details.

Colloquium Series

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