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Mizar Imaging Internship

Chaira Garbellotto’s Internship Experience During the summer of the last year of my PhD (in computational imaging and microscopy development), I did a 3-week internship with Mizar Imaging, an American company which develops and sells advanced fluorescence microscopes. During the summer, Mizar Imaging made some of its microscopes available to all the biologists participating to

Internship to University of Michigan

Markus Nemitz Internship Interview As a CDT student, Markus Nemitz completed an extended internship at the University of Michigan in 2018. He then went on to a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He was interviewed about his time in Michigan in October, 2019. Do you feel that the time you spent on your internship, it

CDT ISM Internship – The University of Colorado Boulder

Learning how to grow cells in biomaterial scaffolds at the University of Colorado Boulder – By William Skinner After a year of CDT-ISM training in the field of engineering, and with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, the final step to teeing up my PhD, which aims to detect chemical changes in the cellular environment using

CDT Publications

Papers and Journal Publications Our CDT ISM student have shown excellent academic successes over the past few years. This year alone we have over 30 published papers and journal articles involving our CDT ISM student. A list of all publications involving CDT ISM students will now be displayed online. The list is available to view